2.Which piano matches the hint?
For each piano, click the operations in the order that they should be performed to increase your Swag Points (OPERATIONS ARE: x, ÷, +, -).

To be an MC you have to Grind and Earn

your badges. Let's start by doing the math!


Seems like you found the beat.

Take it a step further

Test your skills, and

Write a 4-line verse to build your song.

After you write your verse,

Make sure to click and Confirm Your Swag


You are the Master of EduBeats!

Take a screen shot of your computer screen,

Or copy your verse into an email,

And email it to: pauljr@stanford.edu. Thank You!


You earned xtra Swag Points for that answer Good Job!


Math Swag Points:
Watch the video below to learn how to play

1.Match this sound


Click Here to Learn How to Play